The Zen of “Being Disconnected”

This post is inspired by my sister’s post last week. I couldn’t agree more with her, and I am happy for her to reach this point in life, where she’s not highly dependent on social media anymore.

For me personally, I have came to the point where I only open Path like once in a month when I received a notification (there was a period when I didn’t open Path months at a time), and very rarely open Twitter and Facebook. I basically just use Instagram on my daily life. Even so, I’ve never been that the kind of person who’s comfortable to post my life update every day.

I cannot really remember when was my turning point–in regards of this social media life. I remember I was very active on Twitter and Path back in those college days. But then I guess maturity happens. I don’t feel comfortable to upload every single moments on-line anymore. I think firstly because most of my friends dislike social media, and thus I respect their privacy by not uploading our pics on-line. Secondly I just don’t feel like I need to share everything on-line, and I don’t feel comfortable bragging about those sort of stuff anymore.

Then after awhile, I realize that being not-so-connected actually feel wonderful. First, I feel like I am more independent and free. Wait what do I mean about this? I mean, I feel like I don’t need to justify my activities or achievements to other people anymore. Second, I can enjoy the present-time with people around me more and appreciate the little details in life more. Therefore most of my posts on Instagram are throwback post.

It is indeed easier to find the zen when I am less connected on-line.


One thought on “The Zen of “Being Disconnected”

  1. Hi, Faela, nice writing. I also have the same feeling as you. I deactive my facebook, but I still open my twitter, hehe, to know what is happening, not to update my daily. However, sometimes I still hesitate to ask my friend not to post picture they want especially when I am included in their pic, or if when we take it together. sorry for bad eng..:)

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