No Shortcut to Joy

In Life, there’s no shortcut to joy. Anything that is worth pursuing is gonna require us to suffer just a little bit. –Chris Burkard

I agree. Like if you want to catch sunrise, you need to either pull an all nighter or to wake up really early in the morning 😉 But that quote doesn’t work on vice versa, because not all the suffer nor pain lead to some achievements. We have to select the struggle. We need to constantly ask ourselves, what do we want to pursue in life? Because why do we want to invest our time and energy, struggling to pursue something that doesn’t bring ultimate happiness to us?

I’ve been asking that particular question to my self a lot last year, right after I realized that the dreams which I had been fighting for from my younger years were simply not for me. It felt like you’re wearing an unfit shoe, although you’ve been dreaming to buy the shoe since many years before you finally got the money and bought it. It just didn’t fit! But that’s how I learned the art of handling disappointment. I was completely lost in an ocean of people, and everything just got really blurred. I’ve always had a set of goals, but that was those times when I couldn’t even translate my dreams into words. I didn’t know what I want.

I also learned that our thoughts will not define our life. You are what you do. So instead of thinking what should I do or what do I want in life, I decided to just do. Therefore the past 1.5 years has been nothing but a time of exploration for me, where I tried many different shoes in the form of work place. It has been such a priceless experience.

And sometimes life is indeed full of coincidences. On my first meditation class last Wednesday at Cambridge Zen Center, they also discussed about the theory which I’ve concluded previously based on my personal journey: your thoughts don’t define you, so when you’re confuse then just do it… for living is experiencing. It’s so important to be-friend with our thoughts and feelings, embrace them, deal with them, and calmly move on… for the answers can only be seen when we’re calm.

Exploring ourselves, throwing some extremely honest yet painful questions to ourselves is indeed scary until oftentimes we just want to ignore it. We can’t solve our issues until we acknowledge and address those issues. Digging our problems are distressing, yet again, there is indeed no shortcut to joy.


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