Tokyosick: How I miss my most-visit restaurants and cafes near University of Tokyo

I think I am officially Tokyo-sick right now. It has been just 26 days since I left Tokyo, but I already feel Tokyosick. I miss Tokyo terribly. I miss my wierd-Japanese-routine e.g. throwing away my burnable garbage every Monday and Thursday before 9AM (what a pain in the ass). I miss how everything in Tokyo is very organized, or how clean our toilet are. I miss my Japanese high-tech toilet which its seat will be automatically heated during winter. I miss getting Japanese superb public service for free. I miss living in such a harmonious society where everyone is just extremely polite and kind.

I also miss, like really really really miss these list of food and drinks that I routinely buy when I was in Tokyo 😦 These are my most-visit cafe and restaurants near the University of Tokyo where I spent my last 2 years studying, exploring and well struggling.

A. Slow Jet coffee shop. I miss hanging around at Slow Jet coffee in Senjuohashi. They are by far my favorite coffee shop in Tokyo for their spacious cafe, speed wifi, and undeniably tasty coffee. It’s located literally out of nowhere, in between Kita Senju, Sekiya and Senjuohashi station. Just a perfect fit for me, as I didn’t need to travel all the way to Shibuya or Omotesando just to get a delish coffee. I could stay at this place for 3 hours and get things done, or just lazily read a novel.


B. とり多津 根津店 slash Tori Tatsu Nezu shop. I miss buying chicken karage bento at this place which located in the corner of Nezu’s intersection.  If you’re a Todai student and you can eat chicken, you seriously should give it a try. For 470 – 600 yen, this chicken karage bento has quality way beyond chicken karage in any other bento places.


C. Firehouse burger. I miss having dinner or late lunch at Firehouse burger!!! Todai student has to be proud with the fact that one of the best burgers in town is located just 7 mins walking away from our university. It’s incredibly difficult to find a great burger place in Tokyo, and this place offers a high quality burger. Starting from around ¥1100 you’ll get a cheese burger set with french fries, pickles and おみず 😉 The patty is so juicy, their salad is also very big. However, I am not a fan of their chocolate cake —I think their desserts aren’t delicious.


D. Starbucks at Todai. This is so cliche, but I do miss Starbucks at Todai 😦 I will always remember my study or thesis break with my friends at this Starbucks. Sipping our hot matcha latte or cappuccino while discussing about life, and observing those kiddos running and playing at Todai park.


E. Sushizanmai in Ueno.  Despite the crowd and noise, I am officially missing this sushi restaurant. I like Sushizanmai because of its simplicity, affordability and quality. It’s simple: for this price and quality, you don’t need to queue for an hour just to get inside (like what you have to do if you wanna eat at Sushi Midori). Considering its quality, Sushizanmai is also undeniably affordable. With 100 yen, I can get one plate of Salmon sushi–my favorite sushi type hehe. During those hard times, I usually treat my self with a bunch of salmon sushi and I would instantly be happy again 😀

I am obviously a big fan of #salmonsushi.

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So yes, I am officially terribly Tokyosick 😦




4 thoughts on “Tokyosick: How I miss my most-visit restaurants and cafes near University of Tokyo

      1. Oalahh hahaha makanya tadi kaget… ugh aku bookmark deh tempat-tempat ini buat next time ke sana lagi 😀 keep posting, Mbak!

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