Zunda Mochi and Tamago Konyaku in Sendai

There’s nothing really interesting in Sendai, but its food is probably one of my favorites in the entire Japan! Sendai is worth to visit because of its food 😋 This town is home for the world’s most delicious gyutan (self proclaim hehe, but this is the birth town of Gyutan!). Sendai is also the biggest metropolitan city in Tohoku region, and therefore, you can easily find Tohoku delicacies in Sendai, such as Zunda mochi and Tamago konyaku.

Zunda Mochi

Among any kind of mochi, zunda mochi is my most favorite. It’s actually just like the original mochi, but they have such an unusual toppings. They have green-paste topping made by sweet edamame which has bittersweet savory flavor and soft texture. Just my kind of favorite topping! If you had the chance to visit Yamadera, or at least Sendai, try to have this Tohoku delicacies. In Yamadera, almost every small restaurants also sell Zunda mochi. Whilst in Sendai, it’s a little bit harder to find. The most famous one is probably Zunda Saryo!


Tamago Konyaku

I might be biased, because I was on an empty stomach when I ate Tamago Konyaku for the first time. But seriously, this tastes like heaven on earth. It was just perfect. This konyaku was freshly boiled, and Yamadera, the origin of this konyaku, is such a cold place (during winter, or even summer). Therefore, eating hot snack like this has its own additional value for us. Nevertheless, the taste of Tamago Konyaku itself is unexpected yet very tasty. Unexpected, because unlike the original konyaku, this one tastes salty and a little bit spicy caused by its mustard (or was it wasabi?). If you visited Yamadera, there will be many konyaku stores alongside Yamadera’s peaceful small alley. As in Sendai, you can find this delicacy at izakaya (Japanese pub).

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