Sakura in Nakameguro: Beautiful Spots to Cover Sakura in Tokyo

I have been lucky enough to experience sakura season three times since 2013. This year, in the midst of my demanding thesis schedule, I got the chance to sneak out from the library for couple of hours and went to Meguro station to meet my wonderful friend Karina. We planned to have a casual afternoon stroll from Meguro to Nakameguro. The weather was just perfectly fine. As it was on weekdays, we didn’t meet the usual “weekend” crowd (read: very packed and crowded).

I walked for 15 mins from Meguro station to reach Meguro bridge. If you took the right side of the road, take a time to look at your right and you’ll see a magnificent view of sakura trees on the left and right side of the river. Thanks to my Fujinon tele lense, I could capture the next bridge which located like 500 meters from where I was standing.


I met Karina in her beautiful house, and we walked alongside the Meguro river. It took us around 30 mins to get to Nakameguro, just an hour before dawn. Every year during sakura season, Nakameguro has their annual sakura festival where you will find many food streets flooding the small alley of Nakameguro street (just behind the big road). The sakura views from Nakameguro bridge was just mesmerizing. We walked until reaching Da-Isa pizza, and then turned right to Daikanyama area. This was basically our walking route that afternoon:

It was just a peaceful feeling. The romantic pink color of sakura trees, the chirping birds, the sound of people talking and laughing with their beloved ones, the elderly couples who were still holding their hand together. And there was me and Karina, walking casually and taking pictures ocassionally. That was my absolute description of happiness. Now that I look back, I didn’t even remember which thesis chapter that I wrote that day in the library–even though at that time, thesis seems to be the most important thing on earth. I guess that’s almost how life usually works. We sometimes thought something is extremely important until we forgot to have some fun. We often forget that many years from now, we do not remember days we were struggling at microeconomics class (lol); we remember moments that we created with our friends. Thus, let’s keep everything balance. Work hard, but create many more moments with our loved ones too.



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