Happy Belated Birthday, Mbak Dini.

I am who I am right now, because of her. That’s an understatement on how I describe her impacts in my life –especially during my chidhood time. I remember it was pretty rough and tough. I remember a day, right before the sun sets, and she saw me crying. I forgot whether I cried when I was talking to her, or when I was alone. But we were not at our home, and I wanted to come back home. I told her I want to come back home. I knew there was nothing she could do in her limited power as a junior high student to fulfill my wish. I knew there was nothing she would prefer to do rather than leaving our grandma’s house and come back home too.

Instead of joining me crying, she took her camera and said let’s take pictures. And so we did. I forgot about anything else, but that the world was just perfectly fine. Even a decade later, that one particular memory still lingers clearly. That was the defining moment when I realized that no matter what would happen next, I have someone who will certainly be there for me.

She was my rock. She has always been my rock.

Happy belated birthday, Mbak Dini. Thanks for being there for me.


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