On Religion and Homosexuality

Okay, I am not a homophobic. In fact, since almost half a decade ago, my life has been heavily interwined with gay and lesbian people. Some of the closest persons in my life whom I deeply love and care, are actually homosexual. I also believe that we can love someone based on their personalities, regardless their sexual identities.

I am not a religious person too, but I love The Creator wholeheartedly. I am beginning to question some particular verses in Qur’an about homosexual people though, because I don’t find anything wrong with being gay or lesbian. Why did they punish the people of Lut in the first place? After I watched Reza Aslan’s speech about Jesus of history and Jesus of religion, I am also beginning to question some fundamental things, in particular about religion and history. All of the existing holy books (e.g. bible and Qur’an) were made thousands of years ago. We, muslim, acknowledge that in today’s world, we couldn’t and must not believe nor translate several verses in the Qur’an literally. Because we if do translate and implement the articles in the literal way, how can we implement the practice of slavery right now?

Slavery is one thing, there are several other things which make me agreed with the concept of religion as history and religion as “religion”, as mentioned by Reza Aslan by giving Jesus as the example. What’s written in the holy books were examples which happened thousands and thousands years ago. Some examples couldn’t be translated in literal way anymore, just because it wouldn’t make any sense in today’s world. I believe each religion basically want to guide us to be a better person with a better life. At such, they want to protect us from doing things that will bring us harm, like being unconcious because of alcohol, or getting sick because eating pork is unhealthy, etc.

If we get back to homosexuality again, in those before centuries era, the prophets and the gank (hehe) weren’t familiar and exposed with the modern technology and medicine which make gay people able to have children, for instance by having insemination or asking someone to be the birth mother. Nor with the better treatments that could prevent someone from getting HIV/AIDs and the like. So the question is, with our better understanding in technology and medical right now, do we need to translate the verses about homosexuality in the literal way?

But according to my faith, God knows what will happen from the beginning until the end of time. Therefore, I honestly don’t get why does (S)He prohibit homosexual practice?

I don’t get it. Do not get it. I can understand why we are not allowed to drink alcohol, or eat pork because the reasons are actually acceptable, but I totally can’t figured out what’s the problem of being lesbian or gay. They didn’t cause any harms for anyone, did they? If your excuse is they can’t have kids, well as explained before they actually could.

They are His creature too, and if they’re coming out of the closet and are proud of being His creature; I can’t see where or what the problems are.


3 thoughts on “On Religion and Homosexuality

  1. Dari yg aku dengar,secara Agama (kita) diyakini tidak ada manusia yang terlahir homophobic. Homophobic dibentuk dari faktor trauma, lingkungan, dll. Correct me if i’m wrong 🙂 keep writting, keep sharing

    1. Saya kurang tahu apakah secara scientific orang terlahir gay/lesbian atau tidak, cuma sepertinya memang there is no gay gene. Yang saya belum mengerti, mengapa menurut agama-agama (tidak hanya islam), gay/lesbian itu sins/dosa. HIV/AIDS tidak hanya ditularkan dari hubungan sesama jenis, lesbian masih bisa memperoleh keturunan dari donor insemination hehe. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Saya pernah baca kak, soalnya kan institusi yang disebut pernikahan itu akan menghasilkan tanggung jawab (seorang anak), sementara kalau homoseksual itu secara kodrat ya tidak akan bisa punya anak. Memang benar dengan teknologi sekarang sangat mungkin bagi homoseks mempunyai anak, bisa dengan inseminasi atau yang simpel seperti adopsi. Nah, ketika akhirnya mereka punya anak, anak mereka ‘hanya’ akan mempunyai Ayah dan Ayah atau Ibu dan Ibu, yang mana kalau dalam Islam seharusnya mereka mempunyai Ayah dan Ibu yang punya perang masing-masing yang tidak bisa digantikan.

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