Because Human is the best investment in Life

I just feel like I need to share this story.

Actually I did not have a lot of close friends when I was in neither junior nor senior high school. For instance, I have never had that so-called Ada Apa Dengan Cinta’s gang and all –really. I don’t know exactly why honestly, but perhaps because: (1) I was too selfish and ambitious and I barely cared with friendship thingy; (2) I have the best family on earth and I love staying at home all day long and; (3) I used to be in front of my computer in my room for more than 5 hours per day after I came back from school.

But things changed when I went to college. All of the sudden I lost my comfort zone slash home. At that point of time, I knew I need to have close friends whom I can share all my stories with. Turned out making friend is not easy at all. But I knew doing the right thing has never been easy. It took a while for me to find my comfort zone in college.

Again, things changed. I went to Japan and I met many people that changed my Life in so many ways. One of the most important lessons was the lesson on friendship: how to make friends and why it is crucial and very important to have close friends in Life.

It was only more or less three years ago, but I can tell I have changed a lot ever since. My new friends would probably say I am a very warm, friendly, open and flexible person. This person you see now is perhaps a new version of me. I used to be a selfish-ambitious-nerd who did not familiar with friendship at all. My family at home even very surprised when I told them I changed and now I have many good friends. Because I was rarely hanging out with anyone back then at school.

  1. Be selfless

I used to be the ‘me-me-me’ person. I did that because I want people recognize myself so I can be their friend. But oh my god, that was definitely not the way to make friends, because if you changed your point of view and just wonder if you were the other person you talked to… they want to be heard as well.

  1. Invest more time on human

Friendship is so addictive. Once you have a bunch of good friends, you feel like you want more. It makes me want to invest more and more time on human. I went to workshop couple years ago. Wajahat Ali, the facilitator, told us to invest on human because it is the best investment in Life. I have to agree on this. Human is the best investment in Life. That feeling when you know many people care and love you is just precious. That feeling when you know someone is looking after you is also precious. That feeling when you know you have done something good for your loved ones is even, even more precious until I could not describe it. They make your Life worthwhile. Friendship makes Life worthwhile.

And wait. You cannot nail this world and arrived on the top of the stair alone. You need help. Admit it.


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