Your Dreams are Bigger than the Small Things

Don’t give up your dreams for the small things such as cars, branded bags, shoes or even a $100k watch.

Over a late dinner after onsen yesterday, I asked a friend of mine who is couple years older than me. She is a dual-degree master candidates from both Todai and Columbia, used to work for World Bank and about to be a junior associate in McK. Since she has witnessed many phenomenon in life, I assume she knows the pattern in life better than me.

Anyway. I asked her opinion about the difference between the successful person and the mediocre one in Life. She said, it seems like the one who can achieve grand things in Life do not give up their dreams easily for the small things. These small things are the real obstacles. Money can be the real danger if you took your decision solely on it.

This note is just a gentle reminder for my own self. Your life purpose is greater than those small things that might be very tempting for you at this time-being. Brace your self, it might be difficult but if you work hard enough, you’re going to relish one remarkable ride.


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