Journey and People

Yesterday was my first day at school, and I took this compulsory Introduction to Microeconomics class. Beside all the other important things, like the mandatory text book which is very costly ($230 for earth’s sake), there was one thing that stuck in my head since then. A chapter entitled ‘People and trade-offs; opportunity cost’.

At this very moment, I am just finishing my light breakfast, and about to drink my morning milk when the reality hits me.

Here is my biggest trade-offs: I left my favorite people in my home country. Family is different, because our relationship is kind of eternal. But friendship is a different game. Since daily or weekly or monthly interactions are important, it is very possible for those who are separated to lose each other in the process. I will probably come back couple years afterwards, and I’ll find a stranger instead of friend.

That is the art of our life journey, isn’t? The options would always be to stay or to walk away. I don’t believe such things like we don’t have any other options. In my humble perspective, this is an option, and you made your conscious decision. During these past 22 years, I have left and bid farewell to some of my precious people in Life. Now that I am analyzing this again with the opportunity-cost theory, I have a question for my self: does the opportunity worth the cost? Is it a beneficial trade-offs?

This is what I like about writing by the way, mostly I’ll find the answers of my own questions in the process. That’s also what I like with talking to my self out loud. Like now. At this point of time, right couple seconds after the previous questions, I’ve found the answers:

1. Yes, because you will get the opportunities to meet other precious people in your Life.

2. Like another journey, you can always pay a visit to certain places again.

After all, Life goes on no matter what. It applies to other people’s life as well, not only yours. So even if you decided to stay, your friends’ life might be go on, and it’d be their time to move on. It is just happier in my opinion, to have a colorful memories in Life, full with beautiful people.


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