My 5th Farewell within 2 years

It has been a while since my last post… working is fun but you won’t have many times to do any other things. I am a bit gloomy somehow. Two more days before my last day at office. Believe me or not, this is gonna be my fifth farewell within two years. Nomadic… The first farewell took place in Bangka in August 2012 (if I am not mistaken). That was the first goodbye that made me cried. The saddest thing at that time was the fact that I am pretty afraid my students can enjoy what I get years from now. Decent university and all the opportunities. That was saddening, in a way. The second farewell was in Japan, after I lived for 7 months in Fukuoka. I will always remember that one night we had at our balcony. Two of us, with cigarettes and endless conversation. The third farewell was in Germany, it was sad in a way because I kind of didn’t get the premonition on when will I meet Pasqui again. A year before, I am really really sure that I’ll meet him again within a year. But at that point of time in Germany, I kind of afraid we won’t meet again in the following moment.

The fourth farewell was when I bid goodbye to Jogjakarta, and my student-carefree life. When I left the city, unconsciously I also left a tiny piece of my heart there. The struggle, the tears and happiness at my early adult time. The moments when I knew what friendship is, the moments when I firstly found some friends that I am sure they will be in my life for a long long time.

Then here we go the fifth farewell. My friends at work are amazing, and I love each and everyone of them. In many occasions I found it hard for a weirdo like me to fit in. Many times I did not enjoy and did not like the environment, and usually it made me hesitant to disclose my true color. But in this place, I can fit in effortlessly. They accept me just the way I am -all my weirdness. All.

So yeah, this Friday I am gonna bid my fifth farewell within this year. Sadly, from the previous experiences I’ve learned that there will be a time when we will not miss each other again that much. When I slowly disappeared from their radar, and also vice versa. That’s pretty much how life works. However, I once read this quote and since then became one of my favorite sentences… we all take different path in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere. 



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