6 Months Working, This is What I Can Say

It has been almost five months after my graduation day, and it means, I’ve been working for almost six months at this place: the largest PR consultancy firm in the world as well as one of the top 50 best place to work for in 2014. My job is super tiring but makes me happy and yes, I feel so lucky to work with smart, collaborative, passionate and lively people. Well, of course there are always minuses, like 40 hours work in a week doesn’t really exist at our firm and people are all demanding at workplace (yeah right). But I understand this is because our clients are demanding as well. But that’s not a big deal so far. Call me a masochist or what, but I like it. I like to work under pressure.

I like the people I work with. It’s a very global circumstances. Some colleagues at work are foreigners, and most of my clients are not Indonesia’s companies, and mostly they are all very kind. I have this one client (That happened to be my very first client) from Norway, and he’s kind as hell. One time we had this research presentation at Norwegian embassy with their ambassador, himself, and all. Normally in the end of the session, it should be us who ask him, are you happy? But then, in reality, it was him who asked me and one other colleague: are you happy?

I like the opportunities in here. Every day is challenging. I am lucky to work directly with a very cooperative seniors who want to see me growing. Sometimes I feel they push me just too hard, but then again, I think it’s just they being themselves slash perfectionist. Mostly they have a very high bar and standard, and for me, it’s like a personal mission to meet their expectations. So when I did, I feel like I am the happiest person on earth at that time. Anyway, they let us take some responsibilities and give us a large role on something, which I like it so much because then, this is how I can keep evolving and growing.

I like the system in here. How they have this ‘Star of the month’ award. Once in a month we have this session when our CEO announce one/two/three star of the month candidates, among approximately 140 employees. The winner will get a few hundreds USD or MAP voucher. That very simple thing is somewhat important for employees, because then they know that the employer recognize and appreciate them. Yours truly also got it once in March 😉

That’s pretty much what I can say for six months working at Edelman. I got to meet a bunch of wonderful and fabulous people, and I am so thankful for that.


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