Good People

Again I met a good person at work. As my friends probably have already known since long time ago, I like good people more than anything else in the world. If I were about to choose a husband, he must has a good heart. A good heart is important in daily life since things depend more on the mind than on matter.

Life is a jungle, a wild jungle. Sometime someone bites you and intentionally wants to screw you up. But there’s always good people. I met a lot of smart people in my life, and I like them as well. But I always give my highest respect for kind people. I adore them like a child adore her mother. I love those kind people, and I love them more when they still could be kind in a stressful and dirty condition where she/he is being surrounded with people with mean spirit slash simply evil.

My Love, I want to remind you to always be kind. I hope I could always be kind as well. In whatsoever conditions, we shouldn’t be selfish and forget the fact that everyone is fighting an immensely hard battle. Therefore, be kind.


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