March: Too Much Goodbye-s!!

March has always been the month of farewell. I don’t know why. A year ago, I had my first goodbye with one of the most important person in my life in March. By the end of this March, I will have 3 goodbye-s. 

Just last weekend my person came to visit me in Jakarta. She came all the way from Germany. I picked her up on Friday, and she left to Bandung two days afterwards. It wasn’t that hard anymore when we said goodbye to each other, remembering that was our fourth farewell within a year. Yeah right! We had one goodbye in Fukuoka, and Freiburg, and Munich, and then Jakarta at last. The fact that we have been meeting each other several times within one year makes me believe that we’ll meet again pretty soon. No doubt. Because true friend will find a way to meet up again no matter what. 

I just simply worry that we are losing the details, for the devils are in the details. The most touche moments are usually a simple thing that we always embrace every day.

March is not my favorite month after all. The reason why I don’t hate it until right now is just because my sisterS born in March. The oldest and youngest.  

Two farewell to go and then April. Brace yourself!


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