Because friendship needs effort

I still remember one of my precious conversations with Foni in Japan. At my balcony, late midnight. She once told me that friendship needs effort. Couple of days ago, I had dinner with a friend of mine. A late dinner since I cannot came back home on time at 5PM (for the record, I always come back home around 8/9/10 almost every day).

Mirjam (that friend) looked at me deeply, and said that right now I am like another Jakartans. Tired, and I spend most of my time at office. Trust me, it was like taking a bullet. The scariest part is that I am actually enjoying it, and I forget to have a real social life. I even need to cancel my appointment on Friday night with a friend because I have to stay up late at office until 11PM (and for god’s sake that was Friday!). Pasqui has already complained because I rarely on-line on Skype again, and even I rarely whatsapp him again. Since I am busy I rarely miss those persons I love the most, and to be frank, this is bad. Because even though I didn’t have the intention to ignore them, but that’s how they feel -me ignoring them.

Friendship needs effort. I need to take care those who I love the most. No matter what. One needs to watch out.


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