Moving On

I know since years ago that time flies, yet I just found out that it actually flies faster than one could even imagine. Just a month ago, right in this very moment, I had my thesis defense in the morning. Even it feels like yesterday when I had my first class in college 4 years ago. Now I’m about to decide something quite big for my future and I honestly don’t know what to do 😦

A firm has offered me a job earlier this  month. If I finally took the job, it means I’ve to move to the oh-so-crowded-Jakarta next month since the appointment will be effective as of January 2, 2013. I’ve been talking to my mom, dad, sister, and best friends. It was like taking a bullet when I had realized that I am not ready to move on. I don’t want to move on. Even more, I want to come back to the time when nothing matters but playing GTA after school with my little brother (well now since he’s already 14yro, he’s not that little anymore).

However I have come to realize that the bottom line is, you should accept the fact that time flies and life goes on, even when you seriously don’t want to move on.


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