AYC – Asean Youth Congress 2011

ASEAN Youth Congress proudly open “AYC VIDEO COMPETITION”We will choose the winner in every 3 days based on the “likes” on the video
they have to upload the video in AYC Facebook page,
the winner will get special price for AYC and also free delegates fee to join AYC Camp, because the questions on video is the same questions as leadpreneur challenge : http://aiesec-ayc.org/welcome/ayc.challenge.html?72536059207896190000

Video Contest:

Contest Rules:
Only entries submitted via AYC-facebook page will be eligible for consideration.
To sign up for this contest,contestant should:
1. Be fan of AYC-ASEAN YOUTH CONGRESS 2011 Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/AYC-Asean-Youth-Congress-2011/115571401849444
2. Change your profile picture into AYC poster
3. Share your video on AYC-ASEAN YOUTH CONGRESS 2011 fan page
4. Ask people to give “likes” on your video

Video entries should be four (4) minutes in duration or less.
The contestant must be at least seventeen (17) years of age to enter the contest.
Video submissions should be original and unpublished work by the contestant.
The submitted video must address all these following questions:
1. What has been your positive impact to your community?
2. What is success for you?
3. What is your ultimate dream?
4. What is leadpreneur in your opinion?

Submitted videos must be recorded in English
The nationality and age of the contestant must be clearly indicated in the facebook user profile to be eligible for consideration.
Video submissions may not contain any offensive or inappropriate content,

Submissions will end on 18 April 2011 at 11:59 p.m. GMT +5 time. Any entry submitted after this time will not be accepted. Any video modified after the end of the contest will not be eligible.

The winner will be selected based on the number of “likes” on their video.
The results will be announced in every three (3) days starts from monday, 28 April 2011 on our official website www.aiesec-ayc.org

For more information please contact us on:

Congress Committee of ASEAN Youth Congress 2011
ASEAN YOUTH CONGRESS – Impactful ASEAN Youth Congress
twitter : @seayouthleader
is the International Platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential.
AIESEC in Indonesia | ITC Duta Mas B1/12 4th Floor | Jakarta Selatan |
Phone: +6221 923 22 402 | www.aiesec.org/indonesia |


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